Take a look at out upcoming meetings and trips we’ve got planned:




2 September – First Scallop Dive of the season – Club Trip – 8:30 am – 4pm


September marks the start of the scallop season, and what a way to start off your prep ready for summer!

We’ll be heading out to a few tried and tested spots looking for some scallops. Last year we had a fantastic turn out – 30 people and 7 boats! This year, we’d like to make it even better

If you’re coming along and need a space on a boat, let me know. Also if you’re coming along and have space available on your boat – let me know

Once we have collected our feed, we’ll head into Man O war bay for a well deserve BBQ lunch.

If you’re coming along email:


4 September – Club Meeting: Cave diving with Ali Perkins – Club Trip – 7:30 -10pm

Our very own Ali Perkins is coming along to speak about her latest cave diving adventures in Mexico. Ali and Cameron have spent the past 2 months in Mexico, exploring, mapping and doing generally cool diving, which they would love to share with us.


21 – 23 October – BBS Divers at The Poor Knights Labour Weekend – 21 – 23 October

20449172_10154913582623723_8998973650482036700_oWe are running a weekend at the Poor Knights, Tutukaka. To accomodate a number of club members budgets we are teaming up with Yukon Dive ( for day trips and also taking our club boat. Other member’s boats are also welcome to come along.

Now, the club boat won’t be going all the way out to the Poor knights islands, however it will be available to do a lot of dives that are closed to shore such as the Waikato wreck.

We have chartered Yukon’s boar Arrow for Saturday 21st October. The cost per person is $165

Club boat trips will be $50 per day and this is for 2 dives also. Maximum amount of spaces will be 4 divers & 1 x skipper.

If any club members want to bring their boat up for the weekend, please let me know and I will contact you directly to co-ordinate diving with all member’s boats (if you are happy to have divers on your boat)

You can choose to who you would like to dive with and when (either Yukon or club boat). Let me know what your plans are for the weekend and I can get you booked for those slots.

Don’t forget to book your accommodation too, there are plenty of options from cabins, to batch’s to hotels.

As this is our first public holiday of the summer, I will also be arranging a club meal at the pizza restaurant on Saturday night. Sunday night will more than likely be a BBQ for everyone to get together. This way, we can all gather together, enjoy some good food and swap stories from our dive exploits of the day.

Let me know if you would like to come along and how you would like to plan your weekend e.g. how many days diving, and whether that is on the club boat or Yukon

For more info, email Rhia at